I laughed and I laughed and I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried. One day, I will have the words to discuss how I felt after watching Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix stand-up special. It so eloquently captures the traumas of sexual abuse, misogyny, suffering, living in a world often controlled by men (especially of the angry, straight, white variety) and more importantly, living in a world that is so ready to excuse the behaviour of these men so that they can be conveniently be labelled genius.

“There is nothing stronger than a broken women who has rebuilt herself”.

Watching this special has also made me want to do a deep dive into all things art history (Gadsby, an art history grad, explores how the world often perceives art from the greats like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso – carelessly (or maybe purposefully) excusing certain aspects of their lives to bestow the genius label upon them). Right now, I just want to head to a Kinokuniya, plonk my ass down and learn everything I can. But since it’s 2.35am (I watched the special thinking it would lull me to sleep – so wrong), I shall rely on Wikipedia for now.

But seriously, watch this.

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