Nicolas Jaar is against all logic

I came across Against All Logic’s I Never Dream on an Apple playlist and immediately fell in love with it. With all my favourite songs in the digital age, I showed my love first by tapping the ‘Love’ button and then adding it to at least three other playlists I am making. It’s that good.

I Never Dream is heady, funky, and simply glorious. I press play and no matter where I am when I listen to it, I am immediately brought to Disco Box, a dim shady club in Tirana. I am in the middle of the dance floor smiling away, heart about to burst from joy, while my limbs carelessly flinging about. I have my own space, I am not powerless, I am in control and truly, there is nothing else in the world that can bother me. That is how glorious the song is.

After playing the song a million times, I listened to the album and I am happy to report that I Never Dream is not a fluke. The rest of the album is as glorious. It is sample-heavy (samples include J. Dilla and Kanye West) and the production elevates those samples to great heights. Techno elements with a little bit of soul and jazz (This sounds like how I should describe myself on a dating profile should I need one in the future).

At this point, I need to find out who A.A.L (Against All Logic) is. And 0.025 seconds later, I see Nicolas Jaar’s name in every search result and suddenly it all makes sense. NICOLAS JAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!! So grateful to live in a world where one single man is responsible for Space is Only Noise, Sirens, the best BBC Essential Mix ever, and now A.A.L.’s (Against All Logic) album 2012-2017.

If Sirens was a politically-motivated album that is a reminder that we should not rest on our laurels while our world is shaped by errant leaders and lawmakers of an older generation, 2012-2017 is a reminder that we can still and should have fun (A LOT OF FUN!) in this brave new world of ours.


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